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So here it is, and there you are. This community is here for the purpose of The Misery Crew to communicate, plan, and just plain goof off with one another. Picnics? mmM, hmm! Napolean Dynamite parties? Heck YES! We do what we want.. GAH!

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For the uninitiated, the phrase The Misery Crew comes from a lovely dinner had at Mings Chinese restaurant on the 7th of April 2005. Whilst feasting on orange chicken, fried shrimp, and other delicacies, conversation turned to a night out at a local bar. _purpleprincess suggested we all skip into the bar. Community creator falltofragments thought, "Hey no! Thats not what a misery crowd would do!" At which point spooky_loopy said, "OMG, that should be an LJ community!" Then, and only then were we, The Misery Crew, born :)

It is suggested that when you post an entry to this community you post it as a 'friends only' post. (Trying to post an entry 'private' will not work) Since posts will most likely contain personal information such as screen names, possibly phone numbers and times and places to meet up, we wouldnt want this info to be made public. So, please keep this in mind :)

Rules are as follows:
√ You must be cool.
√ You must be invited to join.
√ You must post ;)

(ok ok, or not.)

Group creator : falltofragments
Layout and muse: spooky_loopy